Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Sea the Sea has always remembered me

I used to be a dove
and the sea she was a whale
and then on night late late in the moon light

we found something we ought not to
The Sea The Sea it calls to me
one step in
one step out
oh look out my dear marine

It is harder out there then it looks
so she gave in and began to swim

I became the manatee or maybe a white dolphin who knows
But she became the snowy white egret

there would be regret
that she would be the last of the egrets

As the last she stood there
with passion and poise

she knew where her heart would go
we both looked in the looking glass

I just learn to well

we both looked in the looking glass
that is why no one can tell
That maybe the sea is me
I just didn't know how to break free

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I can't be the one too choose

I would want my whole memory back first
but as I remember it
it was a little hard to hear
and I was slowly failing
while no one really knows why

I was the last to hear those soft words
as I spoke with hope
no one but you will become real

I remember him softly now
He saved me from all the insanity
He told me love you don't have to do this
but we agreed that we could teach him a lesson

Now he just really wants me back
Cain just leave me alone
I know it is a little puzzling
but I prefer a little closer cousin

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lets class now discuss

The importance of being free
I stop and watch and wait a while
I hope you know me
I found myself a while ago
when a boy set me free
I am sorry for the things that happened
and I am terrified I can't control my mind
so before I lose it
I am going to use it
to focus on the best that I can be
By just having fun
and seeing the sun
being super proactive to save the earth first! <3
A silly little game life is
But I know my place in it now
so I don't even want to make a sound
The truth is the hardest thing to hear
and that is why I dare not go near
the things that effect me most

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lets Fast Forward - Lets Rewind

Lets Fast Forward
Lets re-wind
Lets bring back true love this time
Do you remember the perfect garden together
When we created such beautiful things
In our humanly bodies as Adam and Eve?

You made a perfect tree
and told me to stay
because you were afraid that I would stray
I didn't think that was fair
and when I ate the apple
you banished me away

Years later you came back as Caesar
and I as Cleopatra
I had a secret... I found the best player
Mark Antony and I had a perfect plan
I was going to steal your heart
and he was going to take you apart
but something grew inside me and you
something only true love could do

Mark Antony was mad
and felt like we had ruined his perfect plan
he killed you in front of me
and that's when I knew
we had to teach the world to love too

We kept trying to get it right
leaving lots and lots of clues
but every time I got close
The world would take me away from you
but Mark Antony taught us the best lesson of all
that love will always prevail

He showed it to us through movies
He brought it to us through cartoons
He kept the knowledge going
And when fear faced it self
He was able to save me and you <3

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recycle art - Clip of the Day -

So Catie got me addicted to making hair clips ......

Toy Wii Mote hair clip !! : D

This is made with recycled flowers and a recycled plastic toy wii mote from a yard sale

More pictures from stumbleupon

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Capitalism vrs Socialism : A Facebook debate : D

A conversation that occurred over facebook on 10 August that made me smile : D

Nina Mautner Posts

Isn't that nice, I love to see all the money going to the well deserving rich. They at least know what to do with it, rather than those idiotic local government members who don't know anything about what is right for their community...seriously though, whoever thinks that high fructose corn syrup and cigarettes are bad...
See more

Op-Ed Columnist - America Goes Dark -
With infrastructure and education crumbling, we’re on the unlit, unpaved road to nowhere.

10 August at 10:12 · Like
Ilya Baykin There's totally a silver lining to the shitstorm of near-collapsingness engulfing our fair nation:
Fewer school days means more time to play.
Fewer cops means there no one to catch you stealing tv's when your unemployment runs out.
Less jail money means non-violent offenders aren't going to be locked up anymore, leaving them free to steal tv's when they can't find jobs, with no cops to catch them. The pawn shops are going be well stocked for the next few years!
Did I mention that the impending budget collapse of regulatory authority is sure to lead to the experiment in lassez-faire Ubermensch-driven capitalism that the liberty-lover demographic has been angling for ever since Ayn Rand told them to think of themselves as Atlases? It'll be hilarious!

10 August at 10:12 · Like
Nina Mautner Aweseome!

10 August at 11:56 · Like
Desirée Goehner whattt?? you mean you don't like being part of a consumeristic capitalist society were the rich get richer while the idea of the greater good of society is completely thrown away disregarded... tisk tisk tisk

10 August at 22:37 · Like
Ilya Baykin Au contraire - it's not that the would-be Atlases throw away the idea of the greater good. It's just that they're terribly mistaken about what makes for greater good. There's nothing wrong with being part of a consumeristic capitalist society - it's hardly the last possible evolution of a democracy, and I can think of many worse societies besides. There's something wrong with being a helpless consumption unit trapped in a rigged pretend-capitalist scheme which is being sold to you as Freedom(tm). For more detailed ranting, come to my seminar, EconHist 316: How Finance and the Reagan Playbook Killed America, coming to a smoke-filled kitchen near you starting Summer 2011.

11 August at 00:04 · Like
Desirée Goehner you should watch the full version of this and realize why we shouldn't be consuming mindlessly. We are destroying everything so we can buy things. So yeah, there is an issue with being in this current state of society because as of now we continue to make minimal efforts to protect our resources and people all over this world....
11 August at 09:08 · Like · 1 person

Desirée Goehner more immediate action is required
11 August at 09:12 · Like

Ilya Baykin A change in consumer culture is obviously needed. Please, though, rest assured that I went to your school, and am, to my great dismay, coming back to it, and thus require no brain-cleansing on the subject. I just happen to find the whole game funny, hence the tone of my commentary.
11 August at 09:29 · Like

Ilya Baykin Also, like most people who never knew a system worse than this one, you missed the point that a non-consumption-based economy can be far worse for the environment - the former Soviet Union is in far worse shape that the US. The tragedy of the commons is typically more tragic under communism.
11 August at 09:32 · Like

Desirée Goehner In the "The tragedy of the Commons" hardin accounts for people being individual social actors. He disregards communication, collaboration, and the importance of community, which are all very important aspects of a high functioning society. ...
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11 August at 09:47 · Like

Ilya Baykin How are we defining "socialism"?
11 August at 11:44 · Like

Desirée Goehner as Marx originally intended before it was slaughtered by others interpretations.
11 August at 13:43 · Like

Ilya Baykin Yes, and who'll be calculating the use-value of production in the absence of markets? Me? You? Really smart people that know everything?
11 August at 17:02 · Like

Nina Mautner Yes. :P
11 August at 21:57 · Like

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pictures I like from stumbleupon

Hoop Therapy

I need a new sustainable shoe

I loved my high top converse
When I look back and reflect
They bring me back the the simple days
When I would just love, laugh, and play
They were the shoes that got me through my journey
I loved lord of the rings and my schedule was too busy
There was no time to worry and no time to fear
and back in the day they used to be made in the USA!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

They say my deep set philosophical issues are from my father


....... He has always told me he invented the internet, I just never believed him till now

any yes I was actually playing the game with him : D

Recovery Art

Cool ways to make ordiments that last as year long decorations!! I am thinking I am going to make a super cute earthy one next!
Just look around your house for fun thing to add!!

New hoop design : D

My catie made me this <3 Its her cool new hair clip designs there like 5 bucks if you want one from her : D

This is for you because I thought you liked dinosaurs ; D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mount sims - restless

When you left me at 19 I played this song for weeks straight because I wanted to do what ever I could to never forget you

I like learning lessons the hard way so you don't have too, I think it is more fun that way but that is just my opinion : D

some times it works and I live for that thrill ; D