Saturday, April 16, 2011

Broken words, fearful birds, quiet minds rest no more

I hear them speak softly
as if a plea for mercey
night after night
when the time comes to shut my eyes
let me be weary of restful passion

"why do you hide me?, as if a shameful secret" she speaks softly
"why do you still find it so hard to fight for the love
we shared once, before our minds became torn and worn.
Speak of me as the smooth round pebble washed up from the trembles of the tide then cast away so carelessly."

"SO DIVED" she screams in my most terrible secret of dream,
with eyes that haunting and glem the color of the sunset somber as the dry desert sea.
What is gone when one delves into a land with more than a mystery?
at what cost do you let your gamble take you...
an eye for an eye with what other costs?

Where does entitlement change? How to learn from learn the same fearful fingertips that haunt my waking moments...

I tremble, just tremble
Where did I go wrong?
She somberly whispers to me in the dream
"I'm gone here left tomorrow yet nothing ever seems to change,
I should have you to blame, but it wouldn't be the same"