Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Sea the Sea has always remembered me

I used to be a dove
and the sea she was a whale
and then on night late late in the moon light

we found something we ought not to
The Sea The Sea it calls to me
one step in
one step out
oh look out my dear marine

It is harder out there then it looks
so she gave in and began to swim

I became the manatee or maybe a white dolphin who knows
But she became the snowy white egret

there would be regret
that she would be the last of the egrets

As the last she stood there
with passion and poise

she knew where her heart would go
we both looked in the looking glass

I just learn to well

we both looked in the looking glass
that is why no one can tell
That maybe the sea is me
I just didn't know how to break free

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I can't be the one too choose

I would want my whole memory back first
but as I remember it
it was a little hard to hear
and I was slowly failing
while no one really knows why

I was the last to hear those soft words
as I spoke with hope
no one but you will become real

I remember him softly now
He saved me from all the insanity
He told me love you don't have to do this
but we agreed that we could teach him a lesson

Now he just really wants me back
Cain just leave me alone
I know it is a little puzzling
but I prefer a little closer cousin

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lets class now discuss

The importance of being free
I stop and watch and wait a while
I hope you know me
I found myself a while ago
when a boy set me free
I am sorry for the things that happened
and I am terrified I can't control my mind
so before I lose it
I am going to use it
to focus on the best that I can be
By just having fun
and seeing the sun
being super proactive to save the earth first! <3
A silly little game life is
But I know my place in it now
so I don't even want to make a sound
The truth is the hardest thing to hear
and that is why I dare not go near
the things that effect me most

Saturday, December 4, 2010