Friday, July 30, 2010

Disaster Desirée

I am a very clumsy person, this is a known fact, because of this I am constantly getting into all kinds of trouble. This section is dedicated to my ability to refrain from grace.

Yesterday was painful in a completely physical way, so yes it was hilarious. Why may you ask? I'll tell you in 2 parts.

I woke up and head for the shower. I proceeded to prepare for initial entry, unfortunately I had left behind the soap. As I reach my hand around the shower striving for the counter...seconds later find my self on the floor soaking wet wrapped in our lovely yet slightly moldy shower curtain and wait what, I only found myself with one large leg bruise.

As I continued my daily routine I picked up groceries from our local market. I packed up my purchase (in a bag brought from home) and began my bike over to Cassie's house. I was at my very favorite intersection while I attempted to keep the groceries balanced handing off the right handle bar. As preparing my self to bike across my bag rips open and everything I purchased spills in the middle of the intersection. As this was happening my balance was completely through off causing me to more or less tumble off my bike. I pick my self up as quickly ass possible pick up the food which is now spread thoroughly around the intersection and just as the light is about to turn green I drag my bike back to the sidewalk.

Pros: I some how managed to not loose and groceries and I also manged to get across the street in one piece
Cons: The number of bruises on my leg increased from one to 7 and the accident resulted in minor lesions on my leg

Overall the pros out way the cons so I am okay with it : )

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